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FanFiction | unleash ... Anime/Manga Shugo Chara! Follow/Fav Poker Face. By: mountaingirl47. Ikuto attends school for popularity and something to do. Amu wants her education. What happens when the hottest guy around targets her by challenging her to a poker game where more than money is at stake? Amu goes all in!

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~Poker Face~ Amu woke to the sound of her alarm. She hit the annoying clock before rolling towards the wall. She had to get up for classes, but mornings were not her best friend. Utau, whom was best friend, decided that Amu had slept long enough. She tiptoed over to the pinkette's bed before leaning down to place her mouth just over Amu's ear.

Фандом: Shugo Chara! Название: Ключ от его замка Автор: Laviko A. Weid Бета: Мария_ВладимировнаМне так было бы намного удобнее на них отвечать. = ) Дисклаймер: «Shugo Chara!» принадлежит творческому объединению «Peach-Pit» и студии «Satelight». Фэндом Shugo Chara | Фанфик в файл Фэндом Shugo Chara в сервисе Фанфик в файл. Сервис сохранения фанфиков в файлы форматов ePub и fb2 с сайтов, на которых такаяФэндом Shugo Chara. Фанфики в этом списке не проверялись редакторами, мы не гарантируем их качество, грамотность и оригинальность...

Poker Face Chapter 1, a shugo chara! fanfic | FanFiction

~Poker Face~ Amu slid the last of her new clothes into her small closet before slapping the invisible dust off her hands. She sighed as she moved to lie across her bed on her stomach. She hugged her pillow as she thought about her day and what she still had to accomplish. As promised, Amu took Utau out to make her forget about her slavery. Poker Face Chapter 16, a shugo chara! fanfic | FanFiction ~Poker Face~ Amu couldn't believe her eyes. The roof top where they'd spent that day together skipping school, the one where they shared their first kiss, was decorated with roses and candles. A small table was set with food and drinks. Amu had a hard time controlling not only her blush but her jaw. Poker Face Chapter 7, a shugo chara! fanfic | FanFiction ~Poker Face~ A pair of thin arms wrapped themselves around Amu's shoulders from behind. She was squeezed tight before spun around. Refusing to release Ikuto's hand, Amu whipped him around with her. "What the-" Utau squealed at Amu as she hugged her best friend. "I can't believe that I got to come to this party! Poker Face Chapter 5, a shugo chara! fanfic | FanFiction