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size. 1.2 The values ... 3.8 Combine all particles passing through the appropriate slots and count. ... 5.1 Determining Flakiness Index 6. ARCHIVED VERSIONS

For determining flakiness index. Particle is flaky when its thickness (smallest dimension) is less than 0.6 of the mid-size of the sieve fraction. Gauge has seven, labeled slots for manual evaluation of particles in the seven openings. The mass of all flaky particles (passing appropriate slots) as percent of the sample is the flakiness index. Flakiness Index and Elongation Index Test on Coarse Aggregates Theory of Flakiness Index and Elongation Index Tests. This test is not applicable to sizes smaller than 6.3mm. The Elongation index of an aggregate is the percentage by weight of particles whose greatest dimension (length) is greater than nine-fifths (1.8times) their mean dimension. This test is not applicable for sizes smaller than 6.3mm. 1223.1 1223.2 APPARATUS A. conforming to the design and

(smallest dimension) of less than 0.6 of its mean sieve size. The flakiness index of an ... Aggregate size-fraction mm Width of slot in thickness gauge or special ...

1.1 This test method describes a procedure to determine the Flakiness Index (FI) of aggregates. The FI is used as a design input to determine the rate of application of aggregate and asphalt material for seal coats. 1.2 The flakiness index is a measure of the cubical shape of the aggregate which is 1223.1 1223.2 APPARATUS A. conforming to the design and ... pass through the slot. C. Weigh the particles passing the slot to the nearest 0.1 gram. D. Weigh the particles retained on the gauge to the nearest 0.1 gram. 1223.5 CALCULATIONS FOR AN INDIVIDUAL SIEVE SIZE % Flakiness Index = A x 100 A + B Where: A = Weight passing a given slot B = Weight retained on the same slot Report Flakiness Index to the ... ARIZ 233d 4, 2015 (8 - Arizona Department of Transportation

plate. The size of the slots required for each fraction is given in table 1 below. NOTE: If the material retained on any one of the sieves comprises less than 4% of the total weight of the sample, that material shall be omitted from the flakiness index test. If a 5/8”

ELE International - Determination of Flakiness and Elongation Aggregates which are flaky and/or elongated will often lower the workability of a concrete mix and may also affect long term durability. Test Method - Agg | Wear | Construction Aggregate Flakiness & Elongation Index TEST( Shape TEST ). Each of the particle from this fraction of aggregate is tried to be passed through the slot of the specified thickness of the thickness gauge are found and 58 VKLR . 10 and 6.1 percent of the … 2+760 - 2+840 RHS 2 | Construction Aggregate | Nature

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(DOC) Flakiness index and Elongation Index of Coarse ... Flakiness index and Elongation Index of Coarse Aggregates AIM: ... The width of the slot used should be of the dimensions ... Size of aggregates ...